Leah & Tripp’s Plantation Farms Wedding – Byron, Georgia

Do-it-yourself is a very unglamorous phrase. It should be reserved for things like wallpaper-removal  and face masks made of sugar and avocado. Not for beautiful events like weddings. So let’s call Leah and Tripp’s big day a “crafted-by-couple-wedding.” These two went all out on the details for their wedding. We wouldn’t have been surprised if they told us that they handcrafted each of the reception chairs.

Leah and Tripp dated for nine years before they wed. The high school sweethearts were engaged for over two years before they said I do. This gave Leah plenty of time to determine what she wanted for her wedding day. She wanted a rustic, non-stuffy venue. She wanted to display photos of their relationship throughout the years. She wanted monograms and (really) sweet tea at the reception, and she wanted to make her guests feel comfortable and loved. But most of all, she wanted to marry Tripp.

Photographing the wedding of a loved one is a very special thing. It’s often paired with a foggy viewfinder, wet with tears. Leah is my cousin, and our families lived next door to each other when we were kids. Her family has a big piece of my heart, and I am so grateful she’s in my life.

Leah and Tripp, Jenica and I were honored to be a part of your special day. We love you both, and we can’t wait to see you two grow old and grey together.

Love, Katie & Jenica

 Click HERE to see the slide show of our favorite images from Leah & Tripp’s wedding!


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Whitney & Matt's Coastal Wedding – St. Simons Island, Georgia

 Have you ever been to St. Simons Island? If you haven”t, get there as soon as possible. If you”ve been before, you probably fell in love with it like we did when we shot Whitney and Matt”s wedding. When you”re in St. Simons, you feel as if you”ve been transported to a sweetly southern beach town far, far away from Georgia. You almost forget that you”re still in Georgia.

Whitney and Matt have been together for twelve years. The high school sweethearts have the kind of relationship that”s built on love, trust, growth, and lots of laughter. These two have fun together, and they are fun to be around. And the tender way he looks at her… there are no words.

Their wedding weekend was perfect. It was relaxed, fun, and 100% Whitney and Matt — the mini-horse is proof of that! Whitney is an equine veterinarian, and the honored, four-legged guest, Charlie, is a horse whose life she saved. He was happy to be there to “hand out” programs and pose for photos in the reception photo booth.

The food was amazing (prettiest dinner setup we”ve ever seen!), the band was great, and the couple was happy. What more could you want? A dance party on a beautiful island, you say? You got it.

Congratulations, Whitney & Matt! We are so happy for you two.

-Katie & Jenica

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