{Sneak Peek} Katherine & Eric’s Mountain Top Wedding – Cashiers, NC

Neely & Jamey’s Sloss Furnaces Wedding – Birmingham, Alabama

They say opposites attract. But there are some couples whose similarities and quirks merge and amplify to create one loving, wacky, lifelong partnership.

Meet Jamey and Neely. The quintessential ‘similarities attract’ love story.

Their romance was a whirlwind-  fast, passionate, and fun. They were setup by Neely’s cousin (good lookin’ out, Leanne!), and were almost immediately inseparable. Everyone that knows these two knows that they are the male and female versions of one another. We can attest. They both love Marvel and Star Wars movies, they laugh really hard at the same silly internet gifs, they love dogs, and they love hard apple cider and soft clothes. Preferably all at the same time.

Eleven months after meeting, the two wed in Neely’s hometown of Birmingham, AL on a beautiful summer day. The bride was beautiful in white, and the handsome groom was so proud to call her his wife. The exchanging of vows was followed by a dinner for two overlooking the reception and an ice bucket full of Redd’s Apple Ale. They then joined their friends and family for a night of dancing and celebration. It was the perfect beginning to their forever.

Jamey and Neely, we are so happy for you two. We were thrilled to be a part of your day, in more ways than one (Katie is Jamey’s sister-in-law and played double-duty as photographer and bridesmaid!) We wish you a life full of love, happiness, laughter, and huge family dinners ;)

And may your cup always be filled… with apple cider. We love you two!

Love, Katie & Jenica

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Stacy & Ian’s Evergreen Resort Wedding – Stone Mountain, Georgia

We love weddings. We love hearing vows between two people in love, we love dancing at receptions with cameras in front of our faces, and we love wedding cake. We really love wedding cake. But when it comes to getting emotional at weddings, that doesn’t happen too often for us. Every wedding is special in its own way, and every once in a while, a ceremony will set us off.

Stacy and Ian’s wedding was the only one in the history of Pink Shoe Photography that had us both boo-hooing.

As Stacy’s proud father walked her down the aisle towards Ian, she didn’t take her eyes off of her groom. Half way down the aisle, she whispered, “I love you, baby,” towards Ian. Before they even made it to the alter, nearly every wedding guest was holding a tissue full of tears.

The ceremony ended with a sweet, joyful kiss, and the pastor addressed the wedding guests. While the couple faced their friends and family, the pastor took a moment to appreciate this special couple. He said that all Stacy and Ian wanted was to be married to one another. That it was their dream. He asked everyone to take a moment to appreciate the love in their lives and he encouraged them to hold it tight and dear. Most of all, he requested that they never take marriage for granted.

(At this point, we were all bawling.)

Stacy and Ian, we wish you a lifetime of happiness. Continue to encourage others with your sweet smiles and unabashed love for one another.

Love, Katie & Jenica

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Leah & Tripp’s Plantation Farms Wedding – Byron, Georgia

Do-it-yourself is a very unglamorous phrase. It should be reserved for things like wallpaper-removal  and face masks made of sugar and avocado. Not for beautiful events like weddings. So let’s call Leah and Tripp’s big day a “crafted-by-couple-wedding.” These two went all out on the details for their wedding. We wouldn’t have been surprised if they told us that they handcrafted each of the reception chairs.

Leah and Tripp dated for nine years before they wed. The high school sweethearts were engaged for over two years before they said I do. This gave Leah plenty of time to determine what she wanted for her wedding day. She wanted a rustic, non-stuffy venue. She wanted to display photos of their relationship throughout the years. She wanted monograms and (really) sweet tea at the reception, and she wanted to make her guests feel comfortable and loved. But most of all, she wanted to marry Tripp.

Photographing the wedding of a loved one is a very special thing. It’s often paired with a foggy viewfinder, wet with tears. Leah is my cousin, and our families lived next door to each other when we were kids. Her family has a big piece of my heart, and I am so grateful she’s in my life.

Leah and Tripp, Jenica and I were honored to be a part of your special day. We love you both, and we can’t wait to see you two grow old and grey together.

Love, Katie & Jenica

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