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Susansnaps – Love at First Bite!

Today”s post is a personal one that is near and dear to my heart.

Sadly, all of us will know someone battling cancer at some point in our lives. It could be a family member, a friend or even you. For me, cancer hit very close to home: My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer__ years ago. Thankfully, it was detected very early and she has been cancer free for many years now.

Fast forward a few years after the news of my mother…I met Laura and Susan, the mother daughter team that make up Susansnaps, and began photographing their products. The story behind their Atlanta company, Susansnaps, is truly inspirational! Laura came up with her delicious gingersnap cookie recipe after watching her husband and daughter, Susan, undergo chemo at the same time. She wanted to help and she knew that ginger was a natural stomach soother. I can”t even imagine the strength it took to put on their beautiful smiles every day and face the world. But they did, and through their journey, and Laura”s love of baking, they found a way to help others that were experiencing the same struggles. What better way to help sooth an upset stomach (and also bring a smile to someone”s face!), than cookies! They named the cookies “Susansnaps” in memory of Laura”s sister who lost her battle with cancer, and in honor of her daughter who beat it.

With the purchase of Susansnaps, a portion of the proceeds will benefit many others through a donation made to the Susan Carver Foundation, which supports cancer research, as well as those battling the disease.

To quote Laura, “From cancer to cookies, who would have thought?!”

~ Jenica

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 Susansnaps has been mentioned in magazines and newspapers such as O, Redbook and the AJC. They have also been featured on the CBS Evening News and have just recentely been interviewed by Fox News. I urge you to go to their website, www.susansnaps.com, and read their inspiring story. And if you are in the Atlanta area, you have to go visit their shop in Sandy Springs. Tell them Pink Shoe sent you!

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